Thursday, May 15, 2008

Playing Outside

Lincoln loves to be outside - staying confined in the house is not really an option for this busy boy. As you can see, as soon as he sees something new he gets those little pointer fingers out and just starts pointing and talking! He also discovered this little playhouse in our apartment's yard - he looks like a big boy climbing around inside.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Congrats to Lincoln's Daddy

Ryan graduated (a couple weeks ago - sorry we are behind on the posting!) with his MBA - congratulations Ryan! We were there to cheer him on along with both of our families. We are now looking forward to the upcoming move to Weehawken, New Jersey later this month! Ryan found us a fabulous place(from what I can tell from pictures/his description) overlooking the Hudson River into New York City. (that is where we will be parking our yacht - ha!)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy 4 years


I know this is Lincoln's blog, but Lincoln wouldn't be here if Ryan and I weren't married 4 years ago today. I sure wouldn't mind going back to Cancun again...Ahh, we look so young and in love - and still are! Happy Anniversary Ryan!
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Hiking the Y

A couple weeks ago we decided it was requisite for Ryan to hike the "Y" before graduating from BYU. We went with our friends, the Binghams, who also have a little girl. The men carried the kids in the packs and we all (barely) made it to the top. It was quite the workout, I am embarrassed to say. Lincoln just wanted to get out and run around, which made his mom very nervous! He did manage to get a big mouthful of gravel/dirt at the top of the Y though. (Which he loved, by the way)