Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giles Reunion 2010

We had a fabulous Giles family reunion in Sun River, Oregon! Thinking about it now I wish we were still there...so many fun things to do, and so many fun people to be with.

"The Amazing Race" included making a sled and racing a team member across the finish line:

Link and Grandpa Pete hiking up the volcano:

When asked afterwards "who is your favorite cousin?" Lincoln answered "Peter!" Peter was so sweet to Lincoln.

That's a lot of grandkids!!

Ellie and Grandpa Pete

Ellie and Gram Leanne

Ellie took her first steps July 15th! We were all sitting around talking after dinner and she decided to take off on her own!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

KC Summer

The kids and I returned from a trip to Kansas City to see my family. It was a nice break away from the usual day-to-day here in NJ, and so fun to see Nana, Pop, and Aunt Kelly.

Some trip highlights:

Royals Game

Lincoln even got to hit and run the bases in a fun "kids zone" at the stadium

Fishing with Pop

Crayola Kaleidescope/ Train Restaurant/ water fountains


Deanna Rose Farmstead

Ellie Rose with a calf named Ellie Mae - who is a Jersey! Also notice the eye injury courtesy of Lincoln and a watering can :(

We all had a great time!!