Friday, January 30, 2009


Lincoln is much more enamored by the snow than I am. He likes to walk in it, crunch the ice under his feet, and examine every interesting pile of snow. (I, on the other hand, wish it was Spring already!) The other day when it was raining/sleeting/snowing he insisted on walking through the piled up snow on the sidewalks...very slowly...while I had my arms full of groceries. I think he wanted to see me suffer!

It's quite a process to bundle this guy up, but he sure looks cute!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun with Great-Grandparents

This week Lincoln's Oldefar (great-grandfather for those of you who don't speak Norwegian) and GG came to visit us here in NJ. We had a wonderful time showing them the sights of NYC - even if it was FREEZING cold! (Lincoln didn't get to participate in seeing 2 fabulous Broadway shows - "South Pacific" and "Mary Poppins".)

But some of the most fun we had was right here at home. Link especially took to Oldefar and enjoyed feeding him some of his cereal one morning.

He also loved to have stories read by well-seasoned story-tellers.

The trip was much too short, but we loved having them here. At least they get to go back to California where it is WARM!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Pixar Poster-Child

Lincoln was given a DVD of the Pixar short films by his grandparents - and he LOVES it. He probably watches it every day. He is really interacting more with things that he sees on TV - mimicking what characters do, dancing along, repeating words, etc. So it should come as no surprise that we found him doing this with our lamp and his basketball:

(If you can't tell, he is recreating Pixar's famous lamp and ball image)

He just comes up with these things all on his own and makes them happen! Yet another reason why I really need to make sure I know what he is watching.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas According to Lincoln

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday this year. Lincoln isn't old enough to understand everything (ie: Santa, gifts come on Christmas Day, etc.), but still able to enjoy in the fun and get excited by the festivities. Here are some things Link enjoyed:

Playing with the nativities - especially putting pieces in odd spots. Example: The day we bought the Fisher Price Little People nativity he figured out that they were the same guys as some Little People trucks he has. Soon I found the Angel driving a dump truck in our living room.
Here is Baby Jesus taking a nap on our bed - I guess Link figured it was more comfortable than the manger.

Un-wrapping gifts... very carefully...bit by bit. He made sure to get ALL the paper off his gifts; and of course, helped everyone unwrap their gifts too.

Choo choos!! No surprise here, but it was a Thomas Christmas for Link. He loved the trains, tracks, books, singing toothbrush (yes, big mistake by me), and the HUGE ride-on Thomas from Nana and Poppy.

Boxes. They still make the best gifts for an almost 2 yr old!

And getting LOTS of attention from his aunts, uncle, grandparents, great-grandparents, and anyone who would watch him perform his tricks and antics.