Sunday, February 20, 2011

In honor of President's Day...

Lincoln has been interested in money lately - saving it, counting it, and asking who is on each coin/bill. I think he is particularly enamored with the fact that he shares a name with a President.

Lincoln: Can I have a coin? (He raids my little coin holder in the car)

Me: Which one do you want?

Lincoln: A penny.

Me: Who is on the penny?

Lincoln: Hmmm...Abraham Linc!

So this holiday weekend, be sure to think about some of the great Presidents over the years...and don't forget our favorite, Abraham Linc!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lots to Love

We've been celebrating Valentine's Day all weekend long. It began with a party at Church playgroup -

Ellie making her valentine holder

(Notice the amount of glue Lincoln is using)

Then making Valentines for Family Home Evening:

Ryan and I enjoyed a nice date (ie: alone!) to Cheesecake Factory on Saturday - Yum!

I just love these little sweeties! (and my big sweetie too - not pictured)

Yes, we still have TONS of snow on the ground...but today was 50 degrees, so there is hope for Spring! We are loving it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cutest PJs Ever

Aren't these pj's so cute??! I call them the "50s housewife pj's". (Courtesy of Ellie's Nana from Pottery Barn Kids)

I think Ellie looks so grown up in this picture.

She is now 18 months old which means:
* Nursery!! She loves it and is doing great - no tears!
* Talking more every day. She really likes to exhibit her skills by grabbing a picture book and pointing to all the pictures and saying the ones she knows. The best is when she says "door" and then knocks on the picture of a door or tries to open it with all her might :)
* Plenty of opinions on everything from what to eat, where to go (she will point in a direction when I am carrying her - yesterday she pointed me to the potty treats stash in my closet. What a kids like candy??!), to what to wear (she likes to pick out her shoes).
* Figuring out that crying gets attention; and has been caught fake crying several times. Not good.
* Following Lincoln around and imitating what he does.
* Discovering a love for dancing. If she hears a rockin' song, she will the car, at home, at the doctor's office. Also sings along to her favorite tv shows - Dora, Little Einsteins, and Bubble Guppies.
* Being quite large, apparently. 25 lb 13.5oz, 33.25 in (90-95 wonder everyone tells me she looks big! :) )