Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's hard to get a lot of things done...

When you have THIS GUY to distract you every few minutes.

(Climbing on the table, climbing on EVERYTHING = trouble!)

I am reevaluating what I need to do before Christmas - it's kinda scary. Only 8 days left! I just might be a crazed Christmas Eve shopper this year.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Like Dad

Lincoln loves to do anything that Ryan is doing. They have been little buddies right from the start. Lincoln learned how to do push-ups just by watching Ryan one day - we never told him "Get down and try to push yourself up" or encouraged him to try - he just saw dad and wanted to do it.

The other day he saw Ryan putting a belt on for work and Link of course wanted HIS belt on - right then! I didn't get a picture, but imagine a little braided belt fastened over footie pj's.

Link LOVES to brush his teeth since he was very little. (His great-grandma who was a dental hygienist should be very proud) He had his first 2 teeth by the time he was 5 months old, so I guess he had to start early! He currently has 2 different toothbrushes that he uses - an Elmo toothbrush, and one that looks like a fire truck. Of course, if daddy is brushing his teeth it must be time for Link to brush his teeth too!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Week Re-cap

- Gram Leanne, Grandpa Pete (Ryan's parents) flew in the night before from California to spend the week with us
- We went to Liberty Science Center and Lincoln especially enjoyed the "I Explore" kids area and the animal exhibits

- Day began at 530am to get out to the Macy's Parade in NYC
- Staked out front-row spot by 7am; then waited in the FREEZING COLD until the parade came by at 930am. (Note: this is near impossible with a toddler - not recommended!!)
- That said, the parade was AMAZING and well worth it!

Of course, we couldn't wait to see Santa!

- After being completely exhausted from the parade activities, we decided to postpone Thanksgiving dinner until Friday; which was a great idea! The meal was DELICIOUS and a real group effort - down to "watching Lincoln duty" (mainly Ryan's job), which was probably the most difficult of all!

- Back to NYC for fun at Hershey's, M&Ms Store, Rockefeller Center, Disney Store, and FAO Schwartz.

New York with all the hustle and bustle, Christmas decorations, and window displays is something everyone should experience at least once. It's magical.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!