Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lincoln's 5th Birthday!

This was the first time that we had a "real" birthday party for Lincoln, and he requested a Star Wars-themed party WELL in advance. Nana was visiting with us for the week and helped me prepare all the fun things for the party.

Each kid got a special Padawan robe to wear, and got to customize their own Lightsaber (pool noodle and duct tape):

The littlest Padawan, cousin Lily:

Then they had to complete a special obstacle course to get to the Death Star:

They flew their spacecraft into the Death Star:

And then had to battle the evil Darth Vader:

(Ryan was a very good sport and took quite a beating from the kids) haha:)

Linc got to claim a new Lightsaber as his prize for defeating Lord Vader!

The Vader-beating continued with a go at the pinata:

Star Wars cupcakes and cookies for the birthday boy:

A goodie bag for all the kids:

It was a great party and so wonderful to have so many family members join us for the fun! First party will be considered a success!!

(Pleased mommy, also sporting Star Wars shirt and baby belly) :)

Lincoln, you are a great Jedi and son! We know you will continue to use your powers for good as a big brother and son and keep improving your skills. We love you, big five year-old!!

{Special thanks to Brett for the photos and the Jedi Linc banner!}