Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lincoln {Hearts} Bowling

I don't know how it started...maybe all the way back to when I was pregnant with Lincoln and would watch my sister's bowling league at BYU. The bowling vibes must have soaked in, because Lincoln loves bowling. He watches bowling on YouTube. He has several sets of bowling pins that he sets up and bowls over. He plays bowling on the iTouch. Whenever he sees a show, commercial, story, or bowling things he just loves it! His Nana found a shirt with bowling on it, and he pretty much wants to wear it every day (tied with his Thomas shirts).

That said, we decided it was time to take Lincoln bowling, and boy did he LOVE it! We let him bowl Ryan and my frames as well, and he was just a little bowling machine. He picked up the ball all by himself (6 or 8 lb balls - even lifting up heavier ones at times on accident!) and would place them on top of the bowling ramp and send them flying.

Waiting for the ball to come back - aren't those little bowling shoes the cutest??!

Each bowl deserved a celebratory dance:

Even bowling for all of us, Link managed to get the high score for himself! Not too bad for a 2 year old!

He wasn't quite ready to leave...although I'm pretty sure he would have stayed all day if we let him.