Friday, May 15, 2009

New Pictures of our Little Guy

Jamie and I wanted to post some updated pictures from our move and our new place in the UK. I don't have time for any great captions, that is generally Jamie's domain. But here are the pictures.

Friday, May 8, 2009

English Language Tutorial

There are a lot of funny words/phrases that they use over here in the UK. Even though we are all speaking English, sometimes it is practically impossible to understand what people are saying. Some seem really strange, but they do actually use them instead of the "American" words we are used to!

English - American

nappy = diaper
lift = elevator
pushcart/buggy/pram/carriage = stroller
ice lolly = popsicle
fizzy water = soda
lemonade = Sprite or other lemon-lime soda
chips = fries (as in fish & chips)
crisps = chips (as in potato chips)
top-up = fill-up or refill (I need to top-up my pay-as-you go phone)
having a laugh = making a joke
nicked = stole
candy floss = cotton candy
motorway = highway/freeway
sleeping policeman = speed bumps
manor coach = station wagon
trolley = shopping cart
let = rent
hash sign = pound (#) sign (I guess because their pound sign is for money!)
hob = stove
post = mail
garden = yard/backyard
cheers! = catch-all word that can mean thanks, good-bye, great, etc.

I'm sure there are more; this is what I could think of for now!

I wanted to include some pictures, but we have temporary pay-as-you go mobile internet (until our real internet can be connected in 3 weeks!) that is SO SLOW. Doing much else besides checking email is practically impossible. I can't complain too much - we were without internet for a week and I quickly realized how technology dependent I am. At least now I can check the weather and email!