Monday, November 23, 2009

Paris in a day!!

I had been wanting to get to France the whole time we've been here...I mean, it's SO close! Even with the relatively short distance, there was the whole business of getting there, not to mention dragging two small children around the city. Hmmmm... Well, a couple weeks ago I said "Why not?! Let's do it!" and Ryan made it happen. [What a fantastic husband I have!!]

We took the Eurostar train from London to Paris, which was a memorable experience in itself. We got the First Class tickets, and WOW was it worth it! Picture this: wide, comfortable seats, champagne (sodas in our case) being served before dinner, choice of dinner menu, hot towels - we just felt so...luxurious! The staff were so kind to change our seats to a 4-person facing section as well, which meant Lincoln could have his own seat.

Lincoln spreads out his stuff for the train ride

We were snapped back into reality when poopy diapers had to be changed (although there was a special private changing compartment), or when Lincoln got his hand squashed in the automatic sliding doors.

(it's a little hard to tell with his chubby hands :) but the left one was squished pretty badly. The band-aid is not part of the injury, Link is just really into band-aids right now)

We made it to Paris and took a cab to our hotel, which was quite a bit out of the city. It was wonderful to have a beautiful tour through "The City of Light". We saw all the major landmarks and took in the French ambiance.

The next day we bought some pastries and a baguette at a street market, went to the Eiffel Tower, walked down the Champs Elysees, ate some delicious ice cream at the Haagen Dazs restaurant, went to the Louvre, and took a river cruise on the Seine. Phew!! It was a perfect Fall day. Ellie was great the whole time and would just look around or sleep in the stroller. Lincoln did pretty well, especially since he was sick and also wanted to run around rather than sit. Ryan and I were champs with the stroller maneuvering and lifting up and down MANY stairs. (I never thought I could loathe subways or cobblestone streets so much)

We set off to come back home on Sunday, and 6 train/subway rides later we made it. Anyone who knows Lincoln knows how much he adores trains; he was in heaven. He would look out the window and point out all the interesting things and name all the colors of the other trains passing by. Usually a loud "Choo choo!" would be thrown in every few minutes. ;) Even after all the trains, when we got off the last train in Hove he was crying for more trains. Oh boy. Next time, maybe we'll just take a train somewhere and back just for Link. :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bedtime Fun

We put Ellie in the bath with Lincoln a while ago and he just loved it. Now he requests "Lincoln take bath, Baby Sister?" almost every night. He really likes to watch her kick in the water and just laughs and laughs at her.

Recently he has been trying to make her kick HIM by putting his face or legs within kicking range. Silly boy!

The kids also love their story time with Daddy. Lincoln's new favorite is reading the stories that are in the cute kid's magazines that they sell here. They are sold at any grocery store or newsstand and always come with stickers and a little toy. I wish they had them in the States!

Lincoln is talking more and more, and the more he talks the funnier it gets! Kids really do say the darnedest things! The other night we were having some potato soup with bacon on top and Ryan told Lincoln that bacon was made from pigs. Link then said "Peppa Pig!" (I'm not sure if it's in the US, but it's a really popular cartoon here). When he would want more bacon he then asked "More Peppa Pig?" Then he ate a hot dog and Link said "George!" (Peppa Pig's little brother). Strangely enough, naming the food actually made him want to eat it - so we might be naming other things as well! Any ideas for beef or lamb?! haha

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'!

Ellie is 3 months old! Wow - I know I say this every month, but boy, the time just flies by!

We really couldn't ask for a sweeter little girl. She is so much more talkative than Lincoln - constantly cooing or gurgling and will respond back to me if I "talk" to her. She wakes up with a big smile every morning, legs kicking in excitement. She is the best sleeper, and if she's fed and tired I can lay her down in her crib with her binky in her mouth and she will just drift off to sleep when she's ready. [I KNOW! I am sooo lucky!!] I haven't had her weighed or measured in a while, but I can tell she is a pretty big girl. She fits perfectly into 3-6 month clothes, so I bet they won't last too long!

Yesterday Ellie rolled over for the first time! She hates tummy-time (just like Lincoln), so of course she rolled from her tummy to her back. She looked so pleased with herself as if to say "Ha! Now I don't have to stay on my tummy!" Here's the after shot:

And one more of our little cutie wearing jeans and a sweater like a big girl!