Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lincoln's 5th Birthday!

This was the first time that we had a "real" birthday party for Lincoln, and he requested a Star Wars-themed party WELL in advance. Nana was visiting with us for the week and helped me prepare all the fun things for the party.

Each kid got a special Padawan robe to wear, and got to customize their own Lightsaber (pool noodle and duct tape):

The littlest Padawan, cousin Lily:

Then they had to complete a special obstacle course to get to the Death Star:

They flew their spacecraft into the Death Star:

And then had to battle the evil Darth Vader:

(Ryan was a very good sport and took quite a beating from the kids) haha:)

Linc got to claim a new Lightsaber as his prize for defeating Lord Vader!

The Vader-beating continued with a go at the pinata:

Star Wars cupcakes and cookies for the birthday boy:

A goodie bag for all the kids:

It was a great party and so wonderful to have so many family members join us for the fun! First party will be considered a success!!

(Pleased mommy, also sporting Star Wars shirt and baby belly) :)

Lincoln, you are a great Jedi and son! We know you will continue to use your powers for good as a big brother and son and keep improving your skills. We love you, big five year-old!!

{Special thanks to Brett for the photos and the Jedi Linc banner!}


Jessica said...

what a fun party! you are a such a good mom. :) loved the picture of you with your baby belly.

Jazzy said...

Oh stop it! Could you or your party-throwing skills get any cuter? That was impressive stuff! I'm not even going to toy with the idea of Ryder being there because it will make me sad :( Just today in the car we were talking about how much we miss you guys! I think I'm going to start demanding some more blog updates ;)

Ryan P Giles said...

Linc said today that he missed Ryder and that "New Jersey was the place" for him. Every time he falls or gets hurt he blames it on California.

tt moreno said...

what a fun fun and creative party!!!
i love your baby bump jamie.
and eli looks so big!

Sarah Peterson said...

What a great post! We loved being there and seeing all the fun.

Shelly Beth said...

Great party and ideas! Love the belly bump too;)