Monday, August 15, 2011

Ellie Don't Come In

While we were visiting my family in Kansas City this summer, Lincoln decided that he had enough of his pesky little sister and commissioned his Nana to write a sign for him. Then he drew the pictures - so Ellie would be able to understand what it said, naturally. The pictures are a number 4 (meaning you have to be 4 years-old), Ellie's face Xed out, and a railroad crossing sign (he was playing with train tracks).

He posted it up and then showed Ellie the sign - pointing to the words and "reading": "Ellie don't come in". Then Ellie would say "Come in!" very happily - to which Lincoln would say, "No! Ellie don't come in" and she would repeat again "Come in!" It basically continued like that for a while! Too hard to keep from laughing at these kids!


Sarah Peterson said...

hahaha! hilarious! I love the pictures he drew for Ellie to understand. What a bunch of cuties!

Karen said...

It was just too funny! Bring back those babies! I miss you all.

Christina- floresdelsol said...

oh my that is soo funny. and cute