Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of School

This is the last year before we REALLY start school...for the rest of our lives! Ahhhhhhh!!! We had such a great experience with our Mother Goose Time group last year, that we're doing it again - just with some different friends and more kids. There are 6 kids, including Lincoln, and all of them will be starting Kindergarten next year. Here's the big boy:
Ellie had to get in on the experience too - backpack and all:
I didn't think that Ellie would care too much about Lincoln being in school, but she often asks "Ellie school too?" and as soon as Linc is out of the car she asks "Where'd Lincoln go?" about 50 times until we pick him up again.
Do you think the kids have changed much since last year?!


Sarah Peterson said...

those kids are beautiful! I love them both and I am surprised at how much they did change since last year!

Shelly Beth said...

I was going to say...Ellie looks so different in that last picture, and then you said it was last year :) So glad you are doing the small preschool again. Isn't it scary to think that we are going to loose our kids to the schools for what seems like forever starting next year!?!?! Make this year count!

tt moreno said...

Mila is doing the same thing Eliie is "where is raquel?" and "me school too!!????"