Monday, February 27, 2012

Lincoln starts soccer

We just signed Lincoln up for his first soccer class at the community rec center. He was very excited as we bought cleats, shin guards, soccer socks, and little cones to practice at home. It turns out the class is indoors, so the cleats had to go :( But he sure looked cute with his tall socks and little shorts!

Stretching out:

(notice a certain little sister who wanted to participate as well)

Linc was pretty impressive with his skills - especially for his first time! We think his height is definitely going to be advantageous to his athleticism - he is very fast! He had a great time and we look forward to {possibly} MANY more years of Saturday soccer. :)

(Um yes, that is one of his "coaches" wearing Ugg boots and capri sweats during practice...Ryan and I got a good laugh out of that!)


Kelly Peterson said...

FINALLY a post! Is Linc the only white kid in the class? haha
He looks very cute and sporty!

Jessica said...

i still think of him as the little baby he was in the mba program! its hard to believe he's big enough for soccer practice! :)

The Lovells said...

Ahhh so cute. I miss taking Letty to soccer. All of this moving around makes it hard to stick with anything. I was thinking of you as I was doing a little shopping in the Lanes :)

Sarah Peterson said...

Go Lincoln! That's so cute that Ellie wanted to participate also!